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"Creative Mediapulse were extremely quick in delivering a very desirable model that helped me save time and money"

Neil Smith
NBS Studio, London, UK

"The technical team was very responsive and easy to work with, in addition to being quite creative. We are very satisfied with the service and the final product"

B.R. Deshpande, Ph.D.
Ontonix LLC Complexity Management, Como, Italy

"Looks Good, Go ahead and merge this in to main video. When can you send us the final video? We have demo starting next week"

Nick K,
Flairsoft, USA

"Thanks a lot Leena and congratulation to you and your team. Thanks again for your hard work and your patience with a demanding client"

Jean-Philippe Court
Safier Ingenierie Sas – Paris, UK

"We are progressing well on our website project. The final product is shaping up to our expectations. Keep up the good work"

Zubair Haider
Ajmal Perfumery, Dubai

"Thanks for your wonderful job. Brochure and annual report looks great. Thanks again for the quick support"

Veera Raghavan
Nyenrode Business University, Breukelen, Netherlands

"We would like to thank you for the time and effort in the new design for Aussie tourism. The team loves the new look and feel and would like to go ahead with the revised layout"

Aussie, Brisbane, Australia

"Thanks for the superb effort!! Design looks pretty good!"

Brigitte Ars, Netherland

"The Redeem site looks very nice indeed! There's some minor things we have to correct before we are finished with it"

Dr. Atti-La
Redeem, Switzerland

"I checked the website. I am happy for the website to be live tomorrow. Thank you for all the effort spent in creating this beautiful website"

Usha Netrakar, London, UK

"The website looks excellent and thank you for the fast work. Very impressive looking, I must say. So, yes, I very much give my approval"

John Dahlgren, Switzerland

"I discussed with my team. They are excited to use the video. We are impressed the way you have shaped the marketing video. We will start using it from next week. Thanks for your quick support"

Hiren Parikh
Vconnect, Nigeria

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